ENT SimTech’s platform has a broad range of applications. Training for ear, nose and throat related pathologies form the three main target markets of application for ENT SimTech. Each of these target markets consist of multiple pathologies and treatments.

The company’s initial focus is its simulator for otoscopy, but it intends to extend the range of applications to include other pathologies and surgical areas as the technology and markets evolve.


OtoTrain Student from ENTSimTech on Vimeo.

OtoTrain, ENT Simulation Technology’s otoscopy training system is a web-based exam portal that utilizes 3D otoscopy simulations to teach medical students, residents and audiology students about otoscopic diagnosis. In these simulations, trainees are required to examine 3D models of the ear, through a virtual otoscope, in a variety of disease states in order to answer relevant exam questions. Examiners are able to create their own exam questions and save them to the website’s content management system for future use.

Key features:

  1. Web-based – the program resides in the ‘cloud’ and does not require any installation
  2. Accessible anywhere at any time
  3. Developed by Physicians and Otolaryngology experts
  4. Interactive and engaging
  5. Advanced analytics shows the path trainees take on the models and time taken for analysis
  6. Provides quantitative feedback for trainee and trainer
  7. Designed to be used with and in support of current medical school curriculum

Benefits to the Trainer:

  1. Developed by simulation and otolaryngology experts at The University of Western Ontario based on proven principles
  2. Validated by physicians and residents
  3. Provides content management system for data recording and processing
  4. Analytics provides for a powerful individual teaching tool
  5. Requires no additional hardware device

Benefits to the Trainee:

  1. Program resides in the ‘cloud’, enabling training and practice at any time and location with web access
  2. 3D models are realistic and engaging
  3. Allows for ongoing learning and practice through multiple sessions
  4. Advanced analytics shows ‘learning path’ for post-program review.

Train anywhere with confidence – OtoTrain